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2 December 2007

New designer's Christmas Market

This weekend I was selling things at Misoui, Linköping (Sweden). It was fun, and indoors ( luckily for it rained all Saturday), and although I didn't sell all that much I think it was a very nice thing to do. We'll have another one on December 15th, maybe then there'll be more people coming there. At least we have more time to advertise and hand out notes about it & such. I have a pile of things in my hallway now; bags, cuffs ( bracelets), smallbags & hats.

Here's what my stall looked like:I like the fact that it looked as if I was living there for a while. :)


Kicki said...

Nice webpage, so we´re going international now. Good idea.
See ya on saturday.

Ezmil said...

Hi..Nice design...Seems i'm coming over to Linkoping this April, I would like to drop by your shop... How far is your shop from Scandic?