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27 August 2008

I've been been going through my ' blogs to contact'- list. A lot of them.. and how come some people sell so much..? I know.. taste, price, everything.. I do much better in 'the real world' than on the internetshops, which is a rather good thing when I think of it... Though it would be fun if it all takes off.. and it will, I just lack patience now & then :)

At the moment I am making 10 small lavendar bags for Hemslöjden ( "Handicraft society".. sort of), and 20 crocheted flower brooches. I will also hand in some sketches & yarn samples on crocheted hats and sketches/fabric samples on some bags to be.

I am also planning to take part in 2 advent/Christmas fairs later on. Me & Fia will sell our things, and my friend Lisa will also take part in the selling & drinking hot chocolate and be all cosy outdoors :)

It's fun to have those things to look forward to... Oh, I better get some things done..

*Creative work in the area*

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