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30 August 2008


This cold has preyed upon me for quite some time and now it has catched me. Blargh! I have just had breakfast and am drinking some ginger tea. Later on I will eat tons of garlic and also make squash soup.. which I have been making quite many times lately - thanks to mom having grown these funny round squashes :) or do you say zuchini? oh well.. She also gave me a nice bunch of flowers when I was home last. I keep them in my kitchen :)

And even though I do feel a lot like just sitting on the sofa reading in my new Country Living magazine, the sun is shining after all and I am planning on getting some crafty things done.

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The Vineyard Painter said...

Dear Jenny,

Beautiful ivy on the wall!

Hope you are feeling better with your home made soup.

Love and Peace,
Sunny Bower