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21 August 2008

Time for autumn and winter things

I've started crocheting hats for the autumn and winter in many different colours. I prefer a bit darker ones, like autumn itself, but I make all sorts. The only thing I'm picky about is that I must like them someghow. I won't make&sell things that I don't feel for.

I was at a meeting yesterday so I will now start making more lavendar bags and also crocheted flower brooches. It feels great when something happens and I have something to work at and aim for.

Oh, and I ordered more minicards from, I like them heaps!


Charlotte Tollstén said...


"Minikorten" ser ju superfina ut!!
Ska gå in och kolla deras hemsida. Undrar just vad porto kan tänkas bli?

Apropå lavendelpåsar så skulle du varit med i Provance där jag nyss var på semester, lavendelfält överallt och en fantastisk doft.

Ha det fint

Marie said...

Same here, I usually think that if i don't like what i'm making, people won't like it either !
Good luck for the knitting, crocheting, lavendering.. ;)