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14 September 2008

Sunday Evenin'

Yesterday night I was up until 2 AM, preparing lavendar bags and flower brooches.
I am glad that I did because it was worth it indeed. I sold at least 18 items and now have money to get through another week! Yay! :)
Tomorrow it's back to work again, and hopefully I will be able to do some crocheting in the sparetime. Lisa will be popping by and then we'll be merry and do handicrafts like never before.. or like many times before.. But it's good and fun and more of such things is never wrong.

I hope that I'll start baking bread soon... As in stop buying and make my own instead. One can save a fortune and a fortune is what I want. :)
And walk to work instead of jumping on the bus.. and not buy latte... well perhaps one..
I'm getting quite sleepy now, I don't know but it might be good to sleep for a few more hours now that I have no lavendar bags to fix.

cheerio.. I meant good night :)

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