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21 October 2008

slow tuesday

It's evening and almost half past 10 at night. I'm drinking tomato soup in a large black mug, and hear the rustling of the autumn leaves as they swirl around in the wind. Some of them landing on my balcony. Today have been slow and filled with rest. There's some sort of silly cold, - we can call it Marge - and she's sort of taken hold of my leg, dragging along as I walk. Madge and I have spent the day on my bed, crocheting and listening to calm music in the iPod. She accidentily got knocked out (oops, hehe) after I found some Chi-san in the fridge which is all filled with herbs and energy-boosting things. So now I am not quite in a go-to-sleep-mood at all..

This weekend was spent at my parents' house, raking leaves and breathing crisp air *aaaaahh*. Mom and me must get things done in the garden & such, so dad won't run around and do them. He should be resting and taking it easy, which he is doing rather well this time. But one never knows, he probably want to do even more things just because he shouldn't.
Then I mostly watched tv, read, crocheted, and played Mahjong on mom's computer. :)

I've been looking through the European street team's members on etsy, and got all inspired! People make so many beautiful things, and sell well too... :)
I better make a few things before going to bed. I'll take part in 3 Christmas markets this year. November 22nd, Nov 30th & December 7th. It'll be great fun :)
I'll write more info about that later.
cheerio for now!

(oh, so much text! I better put a picture in somewhere.. that should brighten things up a bit... There!)

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