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5 November 2008


Oh, I almost forgot! I've been tagged by Le Bar du Vent! The rules are as follows:
"All you have to do, people, is acknowledge the tag from me, list these rules and give us seven facts about yourself. Tag seven more people, link to their blogs and leave a comment for them on their blogs... Then they know they've been tagged!"

Hm ok, 7 facts.. let's see:
1. On photos I almost always look all stern and serious. Jenny-blasé as my friends call it - In real life however, I always laugh, make jokes and am very silly in general.
2. I have never been in an airplane... so far.
3. I was in a youth circus when I was younger. Dressed up as a native american me & the indian gang did acrobatic stuff, hiding from the cavallery. The make up consisted in some white and red stripes in the face, and I was dressed in indian-inspired clothes that my mother had made for me.
4. I am Neo Pagan according to a test I took at I believe in many things and I don't really put a label on it.
5. I haven't been playing computer games for a rather long time, but when I really get into it I play for several hours at least. Favorites are: Monkey Island, Morrowind, Half-life, Fable.. (oh why can't games be free?!)
6. I am no team player. It does depend I guess, but I have noticed that more & more about myself. Doesn't mean that I kick people who are around. :) Just that I seem to get more things done when I am doing it on my own.
7. I am easily amused, and one of my brothers think that I could stay on a deserted island on my own for at least 2 years before I get bored...

There! and now for the people who I've tagged:
Vineyard Painter


Florcita said...

oh my...what is a neo pagan... should look that one up. A sweed playing cowboys and indians! LOL I guess we all did when we were kids... (just now in a circus...).
Thanks for tagging me. I did this only a few weeks ago, but thanks anyways!

Vineyard Painter said...

I think I lost my Tag? :> But thanks for thinking of me Jenny! Much love and peace, Sunny

Achtung! said...

Hej! Thanks so much for tagging me! I'm posting my tags as we speak. :)