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14 November 2008

Today is friday, and most of this week I have been working until late afternoon, meaning that I don't feel that I have gotten that much done.. Then again, i have a tendency to think that I seldom get enough things done so.. Then I should really pat myself on the shoulder for at least adding a few things do Dawanda and Etsy today, and edited a few pictures at least. Yay!
Tomorrow, being saturday, means that I only have to work from 10am-2pm. So I am hoping on a creative and productive day when I get home.
I've started making some soft toys. Creatures of some sort.. But I'm still on the prototype stage so I don't have any pictures yet.
The last couple of days I have been getting confirmation e-mails about the Christmas markets that I will take part in, these will take place on Nov 22nd, Nov 30th and Dec 7th. I do hope that it'll go well and at least sell enough to cover the fees.. and maybe hand out info & promos & such.. I should think more about that.. the promo-part..
Oh well, I'll finish my adding-to-dawanda session, jump in the bath and then go to bed and read for an hour or so.

Here's today's added items:

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Sockerklump said...

Love the Lizard bag!