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17 November 2008

Etsy Treasury!

My bracelet/wrist cuff was in a treasury that ended up on the front page today, and *poff* a while later it got sold!
Yay for Samantha! (aka Pipodoll) for her beautiful treasuries!

Tomorrow evening I will hold a little WorkShop at Elsa's Hus here in Linköping. I think I'll just take it easy and make some re-do things = turn old clothes & such into new things and accessories. Lisa will thankfully be with me (yay!). I am thinking more of it as a moment for people to sit around and just create whatever they feel like doing. So I hope that it'll be alright and jolly and calm. If anyone plans on coming by it's at about 18:30-20:30.. yes Linköping Time.
No I better get some sleep. I'm all knackered!

Oh! And on Saturday there's a Christmas Market in Trädgårdsföreningen, Linköping! 11:00-16:00!! Me and a few friends from Misoui will be there, and a whole lot of other people as well of course. Come one, come all! Buy all our stuff!
-And yes it does feel weird to write all this in English, but we do want all our international friends to know now, don't we?! :)

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