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12 December 2008


Since wednesday I am in Skåne, and will be here for a few days more. It's nice to be able to go away for a while.. although I would rather be much nearer to my beloved one.. and I will most certainly be, soon. Today I have mailed off some flower brooches and borrowed a heap of books at the library. I can't enter a library without coming out of there with a pile of books! Libraries are one of the greatest things really :) - I am still a bit annoyed that the great library in Alexandria was destroyed, so many things lost.. Sounds like i lived back then.. hm maybe I did. Still - AArrgggh!
I'm listening to Sinéad O'Connor via Spotify and sitting here doing this n' that on the computer (looking at Etsy, dawanda, facebook, wikipedia, hotmail, gmail, and blogs... =this n' that).
Did you know that a bumblebee flies 30km/h? that's faster that I though.. And there's this cute little animal in the Namib desert called a golden mole? It hunts for termites and other crunchy things.. Yes, well I have might have been watching Animal Planet.

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Duni said...

I'm a bookworm too...☺
and I spend way too much time blogging among other things on the internet than working on my bags!