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5 December 2008

Oh! I haven't told you about how the Christmas Fair went last Sunday!

It was in Gamla Linköping between 11am & 4pm.
'Old Linköping' - it's a place where they've moved a whole lot of old houses to and made a sort of museum. Instead of tearing the houses down when they needed to build new one in town, they moved them there. It's really nice! (We don't have that much snow here at the moment as in the picture :/ )
Anyway, when we got there around 10, we hade to go fetch the canvas roofs and climb up on the tables to get them in place, which was rather tricky but Fia climbed about and sorted it out. Also a tall man from a nearby stall helped us a bit :) We had to dry off some rain water from the tables before setting things up.. and I realised that I had forgotten the table cloths... and some other things that too! *darn it* But in the end we got everything up and people started coming. It was me, Fia & Lisa who shared one table. And my mother and my aunt had the one next to ours. They're not keen on taking part in this next Sunday so we'll spread out our things a bit more then. I wonder if it was the cold, rain and not so many customers that made them think that... :/
I'll bring some of mom's things anyway - pillows and aprons. We'll sell some Christmas sweets this time too, people seem to go hunting for edible things!
I did well and it's good to have smaller things to sell, I sold mostly flower brooches. I brought heaps of bags but only sold one and also a chrocheted hat. We're changing tactics a little for the next time, and hopefully we'll get more things sold. There were a lot of people though, despite the rain. And a lot of dogs :)
I forgot to bring my camera so I haven't got any photos, but I'll bring it on Sunday..!

Today I have all day to work on bu creative stuff *yay!* so I better start right away!

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