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26 January 2009

Mini feature: Orkan Lia

I have been thinking about featuring my friend Karolina for a while now, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Now the time has come! *Angel choir in the background*.
Karolina Svensson is the founder and owner of Orkan Lia (Linköping, Sweden), a company that sells one of a kind clothes and you can also get spot on clothes on subscription! You simply fill out a form with all the needed measurements and pick which fabric you want and *poof* you get a new piece of clohing once a month! I think this idea is darn brilliant and so does her customers all over Sweden. Most of the fabrics used are recycled, second hand/vintage and/or organic - which is also a great thing.

So, if you fancy colourful one of a kind dresses, tops, skirts, shirts, camisoles, rain coats etc this is the thing for you! (yay!). I did explain all this in a rather simplified way, just ask if there's anything you wonder about.

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