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2 January 2009

New Year again? Well what do you know

So, it's a new year and we'll all have to see how long it will takes us to write the 9 instead of 8 in 2009.. ( I almost wrote 2008 there..!)

<--- My PuffyFernBag is on there!, and it made it to the frontpage at Etsy.

I've had a nice Christmas with my family and now I'm with my beloved one. Thinga are fine! - Beside a bit of a cold for both of us, but we'll cough, sneeze and enjoy just being together anyway. :)

A new year always feels like a new beginning for me, although each day is really a clean slate.. But still, you know. *Background sound: minigun in FallOut3* I have started to write down some thoughts about what I want to do and how I want the year to be. Need to focus more on that - How to get more sales, what new products to make, what products Not to make.. and a lot about what I want to achieve in general. Perhaps I should write down ' think before writing', but that's just silly anyway. You wouldn't recognize this place then and I better not confuse the little audience that happens to pop by now and then (hiya!).
I think I'll go write down some ideas and stuff on paper.. I prefer that. Internet is good and all, but a snail mail letter, a beautiful book to write in and drawing a few things here and there - that's the thing!

* If you like beautiful notebooks you simply must have a look here:*

* And also my dear creative friend Samantha Vanderwyst got featured at Design Spunk a few days ago. Lookie lookie

Now I'll catch a treasury at Etsy, if I have the patience and luck that is.. and am awake late enough this evening...

See ya later alligator!

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