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25 January 2009

Where are the colours when we need it most?

So it's Sunday at my parents', and I have just been talking Lilly for a walk. I've started embroidering text again which feels good, haven't done that for a while. Watching a Touch of Frost whilst doing this, can be risky! I was working on the word 'thought' and realised when I was finished that I hade forgotten an 'h'. Oh well, but such is life :D

One thing that I though about yesterday when I was heading off to work, was why the majority of people dress in such dark and dull colours during the winter, at least here in Sweden. Isn't now that we all need a little colour to cheer ourselves up? I shouldn't talk since I have bright grey jacket.. Anyway! So I though I'd look up some coats and jackets that would cheer us all up. :)
These ones are from :


My pinboard can be found here:


Vineyard Painter said...

I like the shape/design of the red coat with the green trim!

I wore a black hoody and black jeans when I was in the snow during December...I often walked our families' big black we contrasted nicely against the snow I'm sure!

Not sure if I'm daring enough to wear a red coat yet.

trishdarling said...

I love these coats! Thank you for posting.

Nancy said...

Ok, leaving out the "h" is something I would have done! Ha. Also, I am a big fan of color and have noticed this trend in people wearing black, white, and grey scarves/hats this winter. I knit, so I notice, and it is sad! Lovely coat pics:)

Pamela Plumley said...

Great jackets! So beautiful and unique~!

ESCUDERO said...

These jackets are amazing!

Hot Rocks said...

Wow what fabulous coats!