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13 February 2009

Evenin' to ye

It's Friday evening and I have some ongoing projects lying around that I plan on getting finished. Then again, how many things are 'ongoing' that just goes on and on? My flower broches and lavendar bags/sachets are such things, need to refill the stock. I was at a meeting with a retailer of mine so I will be making some Easter ornaments like small birds of different sizes and expressions for that shop. It will be fun! I'm especially looking forward to making a few bigger birds filled with embroidery. :)

Still, at the moment I want to get these smaller things finished before starting on the new ones.. Seems like being a Gemini does have an impact on your life, at least mine.. But I'll do my best :)
I think I'll listen to Mansfield Park to start with.

I have 'Skibbereen' with Sinéad O'Connor (& the Chieftains) in my head.. Sounds good :)

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