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26 March 2009

Blog Merry Go Round - Recipe

So, I've jumped on a Blog-merry-go-round, and will do my best to write as i should..
This is a good way to learn to get things done in time.. Here I sit - at 11:43pm and is to post this tomorrow, er in half an hour... Well, this day just didn't turn out as I had expected..

The theme for this month is a favorite recipe. I do like tasty things, but I can't say that I cook that much. My recipe will therefore be:

A mug of yummy Hot Chocolate
I like it to taste more chocolate than sugar, so you can change this around if you're of the sweeter kind :)

You'll need:
  • 1 mug
  • Cocoa
  • Sugar
  • Cream (not whipped/ or AND whipped)
  • Hot milk (or water)

Take 3 teaspoons of cocoa and mix with 2 teaspoons of sugar. Then pour in some cream and mix it all together. You don't want it to be too watery or too thick. Taste - beware so you don't eat it all! Add more sugar or cocoa and when you like the taste, pour in the milk/water.
Add whipped cream on top if wanted.

My dad - who is fond of sweet things - use 2 teaspoons cocoa and 2 teaspoons of sugar. Just try it a few times and you'll finally get your own favorite blend of hot chocolate!

Don't forget to pop by and see what my merry-go-round-mates recipes are, might work splendidly well with a cup of hot chocolate!


florcita said...

Cool! I didn't know of the addition of cream! Will have to try it!!

meherio68 said...

Perfect for this very autumn-like spring we are having here...

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Ah... you know the way to my heart already I see!

Beaded Zen said...

Hot chocolate is always good with anything. Thanks for sharing :)

Ruth said...

Nice idea. Sounds pretty rich - a meal in itself!

Easterya said...

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH... Chocolate... :)

'fancypicnic' said...

Hot chocolate - such a feel-good drink!

Lovely to meet you, Jenny x