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13 March 2009

*cough cough*

*cough cough* sorry!
I am having this heavy cold and seem to spend a lot of time doing nothing much.
However, while I have been away from this blog, I have made a few things. Or started on them at least.

I had a request to make Easter/springtime ornaments for Hemslöjden (Swedish Regional Handicraft Society.. sort of.. still haven't got any good translation for it).
So I made these chickens /birds with hangers ( not yet applied in the picture):

I have also started making some Wire crafts. In Sweden it's called 'Trådslöjd' or 'Luffarslöjd' - "Tramp Crafts", after the vagabonds who walked around in the countryside making a living out of what they could. Many of them made things out of wire and could then earn a little.

These are two hangers I made some years ago and have kept for myself.
One for the keys and thingies:

And one for necklaces in my bedroom:

Before I go and hurt my fingers on wire again, I must let you know about a new blog called 'Europe Handmade!'. I am part of the ArtFire European Guild and this is one of the ways we use to get our work out into the world.
About us:
This blog is about a mixture of culture , Arts and crafts. It represents and is written by people from all over Europe. A unique project !
Take a look around and discover Europe's Artisans !
....and all items are for sale !
so who knows you might become lucky and own a unique handmade creation .

So please have a look, and I'll catch ya later!

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