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5 April 2009

Feels nice with a Sunday

The easter market yesterday was great! Now, I don't mean moneywise, but the people, atmosphere, weather and all that important stuff. :)
It was outside the shop 'Hos Rudholms' which is owned by a friend of mine. It's in these very old houses and if I ever rent a place to work - this is where I want to be. I only had my ol' mobile phone with me so the photos are not the best, but i still want to share them so you can see what it looked like. There were also an exhibition on the top floor made by a florist - Anna Fjelltjärn, so there are some pics of that too. I got so inspired by the old houses and flowers and feel very uplifted and like I have gotten something back that I lost on the way.
yay! :)
There was a little article in the local newspaper about the exhibition - have a look here.

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Cat said...

Ah, looks so much like sun and spring and good mood :-)