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9 April 2009

GMO rice? no thanks!

I am not at all keen on this GMO stuff. How can one have patent on a plant or something like that!? Makes me maaad!
Well, before getting too mad, do go and sign the Greenpeace petition because:

"In the coming weeks, the European Union will also decide whether or not this GE rice can enter EU countries, appear on supermarket shelves and end up on our dinner plates. If the European Union approves the import of Bayer GE rice, farmers in the US and elsewhere may soon start planting the manipulated crop."

And we don't quite want that, now do we?

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and thank you! :)


emma said...

oh, finaste kommentaren! :) hur är livet förresten? var längesen man såg till dig.

Daethian said...

Hi Jenny! I've posted about your Artfire/Etsy as promised!

Ruth said...

I just watched the documentary Food Inc and learnt all about the Monsanto Soy Bean. Wow - amazing what lengths people go to to protect their product. If you have chance to see the doc - I highly recommend it.