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29 May 2009

Merry-Go-Round for May

Question for this month's Blog-merry-go-round is:
Did you think you'd be doing what you re doing now (craft/selling) say 5 years ago? What has surprised you the most?

5 Years ago I was studying weaving and embroidery for the first time around, and was very happy indeed to get to do that. I think that was when my thoughts of selling my crafts started to grow for sure in my mind. I have somehow always wanted to do that since I was little, but never took it serious until then. After that I took a few courses in design at university and worked at a store at the same time. Later I ended up working more in the store & after a few years I had to quite. Too much stress, too little creativity, too much going against my inner wishes. Now a few years later - after struggling through a bit of stress, panic attacks and anxiety - I am focused on working with what feels right for me, and never go against myself again.

I think that the things that have surprised me the most is the fact that when I try to get my things 'out there'
, showing it to people it all goes rather well! People seem to like my things and get inspired by them. I've also noticed that for me, when I focus too much on the money-part of things, it all slows down a bit. Then again I am such a law-of-attraction-sort of person. Or tries to be.. since it works :) Doesn't mean that I am never 'oh darn this is all c**p!' sometimes :)

So well.. this is my story for the time being.

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meherio68 said...

Ah!... The money part... It does spoil it when you have to focus on promotion or "marketing" instead of working on all those ideas still waiting to be made real.

Ruth said...

Isn't that such a great feeling when people love what you do - and even get inspired by it! And I agree with the money part - we have to stay true to what we want to create, not be led by money instead!

Fabyenne said...

Again I totally agree on the money bit... Hard not to think about it, but it's such a creativity killer!! Your work is truly delightful, so soft!!!

Wendren said...

You are right that showing your products to people is the best way to 'get it out there'. I am still learning this because with what I make I am only to conscious of the things that make it not perfect, or not the best.(I am a mean perfectionist and although nobody sees the flaws I see, it still matters). But, with every thing I make I learn something new and my products have gotten better with each one. I have also learnt that I need to test all my products on real people. For example stuffing bags with bubble wrap is not the same as when somebody carts their shopping in it. Little things like this make a big difference. Anyhow, it's all fun and that is something that has come through in all the merry go round posts. :)