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3 June 2009

I got ambushed!

Almost forgot to tell you the event of the day.. Nay, year! :)
I got ambushed by the sneakers/stalkers!! It's a group of people who promote others. This time it was me!! I am still amazed, surprised and jolly. It brought me 5 sales and lots of promotion, which I am planning on returning to all the others as soon as possible! Like next Tuesday when the next lucky person is up.
There's an ArtFire Guild - the Stalkers, but anyone can join the ning group - ArtFire Sneakers.

The Stalkers Guild Mission says it all:

"Our mission is the shameless and selfless promotion… of others. We employ the ideal of paying it forward and utilizing our stalking prowess for the advancement of Artfire artisans and the handmade movement. Through the promotion of all we will succeed."

Isn't that brilliant!

I'm off to bed

1 comment:

Ruth said...

What a wonderful group! off to find out more about them. So happy they chose you Jenny!