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28 June 2009

What is the thing that has become the bible of your art/craft?

Hello everyone! There's been some things that I've had to focus on, and therefor haven't been writing for a while. I have got a summer job during weekends over the summer, so I sort of work everyday - not the whole days though, thankfully. There are other things as well, but I have to get back to them - when they pop up in my mind.
Anyway, here's some scribbles at least:

This month's question in the BlogMerryGoRound:
What is your favorite publication(s)? Is there a book, books, magazine,
or website that has become the bible of your art/craft?

I have a few things that I seem to return to when it comes to finding inspiration in general, and a lot of times it is such things that gives me energy. Not neccessarily inspire me to make things - although that often follows.. I'll just line them up, shall I? :)


These are the ones I find lots of inspiration in, and look through over and over again.
Country Living (UK edition)



Tasha Tudor's Garden
Tasha Tudor's Heirloom Crafts
Brambly Hedge

Art & People
Arthur Rackham
Edmund Dulac
William Morris
Arts & Crafts Movement
The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Ernest H. Shepard
Walter Crane
Alan Lee
John Howe
John Bauer

Movies and TV:
Persuasion - 1995, 2007
Pride and Prejudice - 1995, 2005,
Sense and Sensibility
(These are all Jane Austen of course.. I like all of these, although it was the earlier ones that are like old friends by now...)
The House of Eliott - 1920s London
Anne of the Green Gables

From my collection of internet bookmarks:
Art Passions
Fashion Era

The Fashion Museum
The Vintage Pattern Lending Library

Sabrina Ward Harrison
Kinuko Y. Craft

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

this was fun to read :)

'fancypicnic' said...

Terrific list of links, Jenny.
I share your love of Country living magazine. Not sure what I'd do without it!

I see you have a bookmark for the Fashion Museum - next time I'm in Bath, I'm popping in. I've been meaning to for AGES, but I think the time has come...

Ruth said...

What a great list of all different types of inspiration. Will have to check some of the unfamiliar ones out. Thanks.

Wendren said...

What a great collection of links and references. Thanks.

Easterya said...

Superb list, thank you Jenny!!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Ooooo I love your inspiration Jenny!