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11 August 2009

At the parents' for a day

I'm at the computer at mom & dad's. Seeing my mother and auntie take the tour through the garden. They are both very interested in gardening and have to take a stroll to see what new that has started to bloom and grow. I have already taken my round earlier, and Lilly showed the holes she's made where there appearently lives voles.. So now she digs and later the cat, Mizzy, sits there and wait for them to peek out.. Teamwork, eh?

I have had today off and it is already 6:45pm. I will sort out all the old books and comics that are lying around in my old room. I have plans for them, to sell them if I can. Not the TinTin, Spirou and such though, those are staying! But I suppose I need to look them through and make a list to take to the comicbook guy. :)
There are a few piles.. Phew!
Then I had planned to start knitting on a mitten for work - it's an assignment from my weekend work I mean.. and watch this film that I borrowed from my brother - "Foodmatters", I think it will be quite interesting.. and then..

yes, I am a bit of a time opitimist, see...

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