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25 September 2009

Next chapter

What is your next chapter

is the question we are to answer in this month's blog-merry-go-round. This happen to fit in rather well with the thoughts I've been having lately, and am still working on. In my life my crafting and creativity is intertwined in the rest of my life. Since it's a part of me it depends on what other things that are happening around me and inside my head. I just realised that I can type without even looking at the keyboard, haven't thought about that before.. cool! Sometimes it feels as if nothing is happening at all, but I think things are going on in the background. Thoughts are getting rooted in your mind, ideas are ripening, strength are being collected. Then when the time is right and the cog wheels are in position the time is just right. You rarely know this before hand though.. which would be a good help really... Yesterday I mentioned making a map of my life, all the different parts in it and have a look on it from above. I am still working on that, and making a map for my creative part as well. I suppose the next chapter is always behind the corner and you can't have a sneak peak until you're there, and then you're looking for the next one. What I am trying to say is that at the moment I am in the 'stand still, look and listen' - phase. I am looking forward to getting my crafts out there again, working more in promos and have faith in my abilities, without focusing too much upon money. Except in a positive way of course. :) Which is really the only way to think really... Still being realistic but in a good way. I will be focusing more on the subjects and themes that are close to my heart and use them more in my work. Nature, wisdom, kindness, humour, silliness and usefulness. They are often there somewhere but maybe it is only me who feel them. Anyway, the way ahead is the only way there is and that is where I am going. I have started on a detox a few days ago, and the mind could use a bit of that as well. :D

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meherio68 said...

Well, maybe there is something seasonal, because I thought I was the only one feeling the need to take some time to look around, but obviously, I'm not...

Ruth said...

Sounds like you are using a good mix of structured thinking and planning but also letting some "let it be" in there too. Good for you. A time for transformation. Look forward to seeing how this new chapter pans out for you....and don't forget, us "merriers" are here to support each other too.

Easterya said...

It is fantastic to see you so in tune with your work! And I like your approach: "the way ahead is the only way there is" and I could not agree more. May the future bring you lots of silliness :) ... and I'd love to be able to type without looking at a keyboard!

florcita said...

I agree with you. One sometimes has to take a step back and analyze the situation, learn.. acquire a better perspective without worrying about profit, adn then go on....

'fancypicnic' said...

Jenny, you are SO right about sometimes needing to 'stand still'. We do - we all need it, to reflect, to recollect and to gain more information and inspiration to move forward... to that next chapter.
Who knows where it will lead us? It's interesting how it works its magic upon us...can't wait to 'read' your next chapter! Exciting stuff....enjoy the process!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

I'm a great beliver in letting things pan out, although a basic structure running in my head is always good for making me feel ok about things.

I wish you all the luck! And thank you for being so inspirational.

Sara x

Wendren said...

I agree with you and all the merrier comments - taking time to stop, reflect and recollect is very important. It is no point walking forward when you have not stopped to check where you are and as my granny would say: "take time to smell the roses". If you keep walking forwards all the time you might never get to appreciate the very things that are next to you.