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31 October 2009

Failure sucks, but instructs!

Yes, the subject of this month's Blog-Merry-Go-Round is truly the jolly sounding subject of:
Failure sucks, but instructs!

Even though it sure feels bad when it happens, 'failure' is not as bad as it sounds in the long run. Without hard times you don't really learn and develop. Of course you still can grow in different ways without having to fail now and then, but it can help you come up with some new ideas rather quickly and also such things that you wouldn't normally try.
I don't really use the word 'failure' myself, I think more in 'if you don't try you never know'. So if what you tried didn't work out as you have planned, well at least you know and can work on something else.
This might sound as if I am one of those persons who just go on and on and think positively all along.. That's not me at all, I tend to get rather down at times and think 'sod it all!' But then after a while I just get tired of being like that and get motivation to create again. When I think of it I do occupy my hands with crochet or something most of the time, even when I'm not really motivated.. You have to have some hard times to truly appreciate the good ones :)

I almost gave up this year. I started my business for real about a year ago, but due to some hardships and got to the country court I had to give it up for now. Money-anxiety isn't really helping when you want to be creative. I won though, and things are looking up again. I'll be at some Christmas fairs and even though you don't sell that much it does give you that Christmas:y spirit.
I will sell loads though *positive affirmation*..

This year have taught me that I do really want to be my own and create things for a living, at least part time. As I said, at first I just felt like everything was against me, that you are meant to juts sit at home and get unemployment funds and voe betide the ones who wants to do something with their lives. After I got burnt-out on a previous work a few years ago, I priority things differently. It is more important to feel well, that to have money and be 'safe'. Living in the 'now' you know. Society just doesn't seem to quite agree with that way of life though. But never mind that, being different is the way to be! It is the new black.

Then again there is of course the not earning enough money for something that you've made, not added enough shipping, bags getting stolen, etc etc.. Which sucks but isn't worth to think too long about, anymore.

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Easterya said...

Excellent read, really heartfelt! And I love your 'being different is the new black'!! How right you are! So much wisdom and very uplifting, great post!!

florcita said...

I absolutely agree with you! All of it. The important part at the end, about how society seems to prefer safety and quiet life than actually following your dream and being happy... so true. I see it all te time around here where people seem to "find joy" in cleaning windows and staying put rather than enlarging your horizons...
Good post!

meherio68 said...

How very acutely I feel what you describe...
It seems we are all at different stages, in different situations, but very much of one mind on fighting the good fight.

And yes, I agree that society doesn't seem to encourage us to live in the here and now— but many people still 'succeed' in being happier than average by doing just that!

Maybe being yourself at any time is the new new black...

Bear up— and a Merry Christmas indeed!

'fancypicnic' said...

yes, yes, yes...!

We all need to say 'sod it all' every now and again - then pick ourselves up and hurl ourselves into something new. Creativity is good for our soul, I think! can achieve so much with a little bit of it - well done, and thanks for sharing x

Wendren said...

Oh, your post makes me want to cry. I completely know where you are coming from. Nobody wants to write about money or speak about it but it is such an important element when starting your own business (or should I say, the lack of it is). It is stressful and terribly hard to keep positive. Christmas sales always give me hope and finally my books reflect in the green figures but by the middle of the year I have that 'oh, sod it' outlook which is terrible.

However, I do love my life but I have also found it the hardest thing to love as it is not what I dreamt it would be when I was younger. Things are better, jut different and that is how we need to see each 'hurdle' in life. They just mould us and refine us and we just need to keep our chins up and ignore all the consumerism that surrounds us. Enjoy life, live life and love it as it is.

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

I think sometimes what works is finding out what is really important to you and sometimes you have to go through some bad stuff to get there... don't give up though, if you want it, it will happen.