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27 November 2009

The purple cow, that turned philosophical

Blog-Merry-Go-Round : What is your purple cow?

From Millan.Net

There is appearently a concept that I hadn't heard about before the members of this blog-merry-go-round brought it up. As I grasp it, it means what it is what make my creations unique, stand out, the essence of what I create.

This is a very interesting question indeed, and well worth thinking about. Every now and then you need to try and see what it is that you are making. I have often find it hard to know what others see in my things that makes them say that it is a typical Jenny Karlsson - design. Perhaps you don't see your creations as special and more like something that got created just like that. Then again, that might be just the thing that makes it stand out. The things that I like surely does show off in the designs in some way or another; by choice of material, style, how one should use it etc. I still find it hard to see the essence in it, it makes it sound as if there is a will of its own that wants to be put forward and become real somehow. Still there must be something there, perhaps we all leave a little piece of ourselves in the items we make - without loosing it, more like the creativity grows than deminishes - the more you give the more you get. And perhaps that is felt somehow in and around the items, like that there is a feeling about it that the beholder can see and feel.

Still, if I should have a look and point out the uniqueness
I try to make things of quality, feeling, fun, nostalgia, inspired by nature, beauty, pure materials, recycled, upcycled, waste not..
This is what I have in a little bottle of elixir and weave into my creations.

Nothing is really new under the sun. More like reinvented, reborn and recycled.


Wendren said...

I think you are right: Sometimes somebody will remark, with utter awe, that I have created my bags and to me they are great but don't hold the same kind of awe-striking-power. Perhaps it is because we see the whole story and perhaps it is becuase we are too close to the product to objectively appreciate it. It is nice to hear those comments. I think your stuff is absolutely amazing. :)

Ruth said...

I tried to leave a comment earlier but I think I lost the connection. Apologies if this is a repeat.
Anyhow - I think it's fascinating how much easier it seems for us to see the purple cow in other people's work, but not in our own. But now we've spent some time considering it, I wonder if it will stay the same or evolve too...?

Easterya said...

You're right, nothing is new under the sun, but we take the old and we transform it, we go beyond what was done before, a little piece of us goes in every creation, which in turn transforms us for the next... it's magic, just like your work!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

I agree, it's always very difficult to know what our Purple Cow might be... and much easier to see it in others, maybe?

I wonder if now that we have thought about it , as Ruth says, it will change the way we see our business? Very interesting!