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19 January 2010


Made a few flower brooches
Mom got me this beautiful book about Karin Larsson - the wife of Swedish artist Carl Larsson. She made a lot of handicrafts and was also very good at painting and such. Very inspiring book
( "The world of Karin Larsson"):

I got this Selvedge magazine - it's the november/december-issue 2009, but beautiful as always:

The new VivaLaModa online magazine is now available to read here:
filled with fashion, handmade and inspiration.

I also happened *ahem* to buy a little piece of fabric.. So I think I'll get some sewing done. High time for new a collection!
So, cheerio for now then!

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Samantha Tara said...

Ooooohhhhh!!! I love Carl & Karin Larsson. Oh, but you probably already knew that (-: