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19 March 2010

something to remember

This is a list that a close friend of mine sent me in a letter a few years ago.
I just felt that I needed to recall it. Maybe you do to?

Here's my list of things that I MUST remember:
  • The universe cares for me, even when I forget.
  • I can connect with the universe & it will guide me if I am open.
  • I deserve to be happy; to be loved & have peace.
  • I am talented, and have a gift of creativity put into me by something far grander than myself, and to use this gift, I will be fulfilling part of why I am here on this earth.
  • Nothing is ever such a big deal.
  • Every seemingly "bad" thing makes way for goodness to pour through.
  • I have the strength needed to find my way to happiness and I WILL get there.

1 comment:

Eddy G. said...

What a lovely list. Good things to remember indeed