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13 April 2010

The bubble of... disarray!

Some days it feels as if your motivation and aim have taken a holiday without you.
I am in some sort of bubble and I'm not sure that I like it, they should've left a book or something at least - bad service, bubble!
I suppose that if I wait it out it will go away and pop like a soapwater bubble. *blop*. What does it mean? Am I in the eye of the storm and soon things will change? Is it some sort of preparation period when I should just take it easy and let myself be? Am I catching a cold? Questions like this pops up in my head as usual. The feeling I like least of all is apathy. It is a -nothing-. At least when you're sad you -are- sad. This is just nothing at all. Blargh! I'll stumble a bit and see if I at least can find three funny pictures or something to cheer this blog post (and me AND you) up.

*Computer! Stumble!!*

Stumble no.1 -
Oxygen by Christopher Hendryx :

Stumble no.2 -
um.. a recipe for Mediterranean Black Bean Quinoa Burger..

and no.3
turned out to be a drawing of a vegetarian zombie


I use stumbleupon for all my stumbling needs in case you wondered...

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