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14 July 2010

One month? did you say ONE month?!

So, it struck me the other day, that in less than a month I need to have stocked up enough to almost fill a small shop...
This is interesting and marvellous and a little scary - but in a good way. I've been watching some of Mary Portas - Mary Queen of shops - to get myself inspired and to know a little what not to do. I know there will be mistakes made that's just something to accept but I'll try to start in the right end at least. I also need to cut & paste and write down what kind of feel I want it all to have - the atmosphere..
To start with this will be for 6 months and after that we'll see what happens. It is not my own shop, but since my new companion soon will get a larger family, it is up to me to run the shop.



*biz-mode ON*

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Cat said...

Sending you lots and lots of good, inspiring and encouraging thoughts, dear!