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7 September 2010

Tweed tweed!

I've been working at home all day today and have finally started to make the tweed bags I've been planning for months. Not that I have been -planned- them as such, more that the fabric have been lying there calling to me.

I finished two bags for a customer too, one tote bag - the fabric used to be a skirt, and one hand bag which used to be a dress. I like getting materials like that and make something new out of them. I've done that a few times for customers. Upcycling and recycling at it's best! I also got photos that I used on these bags. Owner's own cats :)

Now it is past 10pm and therefore one must switch to more quiet things to do, such as crochet or listing things online.. and eating one's evening gruel.
Yes, I'm such an old frump..!

Tote (bag no. 300), that used to be a skirt.

And a handbag (no.301) that used to be a dress.

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Fashion2000 said...

Åh fina! Jag älskar tweed.