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23 November 2010

Fir twigs of course! / Granris javisst!

Idag har jag kravlat i butiksfönstren och satt upp granris medan snön yrde utanför.

Today I've been crawling about, putting fir twigs up in the shop windows. All the while the snow was whirling around in the wind.


Spotted Sparrow said...

It looks like Christmas. :)

johanna said...

åå vad fint det blev!!

Ivory Lady said...

How lovely!! If only it snowed a bit here too, it's been unusually warm down here lately for this time of year... I guess that all those huge expansions of burn forest in Russia must have played their role too... But at least Christmas decorations have been showing up pretty early, so even though you can't really feel it, you realize Christmas is coming! :)