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9 July 2011

Last day at the shop

So, today is the final day when I am in the shop (Jonoli). I'll be finishing a bunch of bags and pack up my things so I can move it all out tomorrow. It's been fun having a shop and being able to work there, but I feel that I rather want to have a studio and keep it open when I am there instead of keeping it open certain hours and having to be there. So thanks to this I have learned more about what I don't want so I know what I do want and the other way around. :)

I do wonder where I'll put it all... Hm... *looking around the living room where I work at home*. I need one of those tents that they have in Harry Potter when they're on the Quidditch World Cup. If you happen to have one - send me a message ASAP!

*slurping coffee*

1 comment:

coltpixy said...

No tent here but happy moving day!