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1 August 2011

A few of my favorite things...

Silver Ankh, that a friend of mine bought in Egypt.

My little balcony.

My little bunny and raven (in the back) that I won.
Made by Sandra Healy

Raven and bunny again, on my dresser.

Fridge magnet that always cheer me up!
Made by Picard Creative

Minicards in the hall mirror, of Lilly the dog.

Mug from a dear friend.

Owls that mostly hangs in my ears. Christmas gift from
mom, from a local handicraft fair.

Lovely silk painting that hangs in my bedroom.
Gift from mom.

Wind bell that a friend bought in Japan. I love the sound it makes.

Art by my dear friend Samantha Vanderwyst.

Framed old embroidered piece of fabric - thanks to Sammi. too :)

Photo I took at photography class ages ago,
with our beloved dog Tessy.

The trees outside the back of my house.
I love trees and all the birds and animals therin.


Liesan said...

The raven is absolutely stunning and I love the little glass box it sits on too :)

And the silk painting I think I want to steal from you, can I?

Samantha Tara said...

Holy camole! I looked and looked and looked at that artwork I made and I didn't remember it at all! Or the old piece of fabric for that matter! What an awful memory I have! haha! But they were from a long time ago (-: I am glad I have contributed to some of your favorite things (: xoxo