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1 August 2012

August 1st 2012

Been a while again since I last actually wrote here. There's been a few life signs in the shape of photos, so you know that I am pottering about somewhere at least.
There's a hint of autumn in the air again, it will surely be warm for a while more though.
I like the change of seasons so I'm not complaining. :)

Last week was spent in vacation mode at my parents' place, - meaning that I was:
  • Helping dad to dig / saw / drag up a large birch stump - resulting in a bit of muscle soreness, sun burn with white stripes on my shoulder ( what do you mean, a black dress with white dots and leggings  doesn't count as work clothes?!)
  • Picking small buckets of cherries - nicely coloured blue hands for a few days
  • Being lazy in the hammock
  • Walkies with Lillydog
  • Finished sewing a bunch of pouches / necessities bags
  • Coffee on the porch with mom & dad
  • Listening to the Swallows & Common Swifts (tornsvalor) in the sky
  • Peeking at the salamander babies in the garden pond.

Saturday last I was in the forest with my mom & uncle, looking for chanterelles - as you could see  from the photos. It's been so long since I stampered about in the forest and I really needed it - I had this inner calm and a different kind of good energy for days afterwards. *Note to self : spend more time in the woods*

Then I've been working at the curtain/fabric shop, sewing curtains and helping customers for a few weeks. Yesterday I started changing this blog again, and that often means that I wasnt to change my website and all too. I get these notions you know.. Simplify and change and make better - that is the aim although it may not look it at the time.

Now I think I'll start looking at what I'll work on today. I have cards that I want to list and really a lot of products that I've finished that would to better in my shops, than lying around here.. Oh THAT's why they haven't sold yet..

So have a nice day, don't forget to have fun!


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