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9 August 2012

Work and new items, and gotta go!

 I am soon off to work, but I have managed to sew a little before that at least. I've prepared a bunch of bags to finish and will hopefully get them done before the weekend. I'll send a whole bunch of the filmstar-ones to Poplin in Stockholm, and some purses/necessities bags to Hemslöjden here in Linköping. Then there'a a little market at the end of August where I'll try some new products, we'll see how it goes.

Soon to be found at Poplin
in Stockholm
This is my sewing table at the moment, oh, and the desk.. and over there on the laptop is the Edwardian Farm as my company:

I have added small purses & pouches to my etsy bag shop, so please go there and have a look. There's some rather cute ones - if I may say so myself - and some funny ones as well. Like these three:

Find them all here *click!*

Oh! Got to be off to work,
Have a jolly day everyone!
/Jenny :)

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