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3 February 2013


I have just been looking through my blog-reading-list that I rarely read (oops!), but there are so many inspirational ones that I don't want to lose track of. And of course I though that all of these that never update at all should be removed - and I realise (of course) that I am one of those... For a long while I have just uploaded pictures here and rarely written anything at all. What a bore, eh?
So here I am, adding a little rambling on this late Sunday evening. Might not become a habit though, but if I knew that anyone wants to read a ramble now and then It might turn in to slight tradition! ( I probably use a words in strange ways, then again I can always throw out the 'oh, but I am Swedish' - excuse.)

So right now there seem to be an old Poirot episode on tv. Must be an early episode because Poirot looks younger than his older self.. Er.. that you can see later in the series.
I wonder how many moustaches they used up. Or maybe they are stored away somewhere to be auctioned out on Sotheby's for charity.. Hercuulee Poirooot.

Bebe Daniels
You know the old -fake it 'til you make it? I might try and pretend to be all sophisticated, confident and of course well-dressed like a fashionable 1920ies lady. 1940ies would do as well.. Or a mix - as long as it is pre-1960ies. So I might. It would (will?) be rather fun to dress like that anyway. And my business will be a fabulous success, and I'll travel all over without worrying one bit about anything!

And so it shall be! *pling!*

But first I am off to bed, for tomorrow I have a meeting with fellow textile artisan people.


Rosemari Roast said...

I hope you had a great time with your fellow textile folk!

Jenny said...

I did, thank you :)
We're planning and working on an exhibition to be held later in spring. :)