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14 February 2013


This is what I've been working on lately. Great fun to do something new, and not just do the flowers which I must have made at least 400 of by now.. Or more..? I haven't counted them.. Shawl in crochet, made out of remnant yarn that I got from Östergötlands Ullspinneri which is a local wool spinning mill (you might remember the spool shaped heaps of yarn?) which I've tied together - although I know one shouldn't do that, but never mind that. I like the way the yarn is rather uneven here and there.The new shawl is even more so (see picture at the bottom.)
Grid pattern
Yarn remnants before
Now it's washed and all soft and I think I'll keep it for myself for once. I also finished this other one with a grid pattern, that's been lying around for a while.

I've started adding bags to my Facebook page (photo album called: Ye ol' Jenny Karlsson shoppe), so you can buy directly from me there, if you want.
Have a nice Valentine's Day and don't forget the give-away!

Uneven and nice.
Now back to work on more handicrafts and be as little online as possible.
Cheerio for now! :)

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