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19 May 2013

The Happy Hunting Ground

My laptop decided to leave for the happy hunting ground a few weeks ago, which is quite vexing.
Especially when one wants to add products to webshops, update the blog or just watch a bit of Edwardian Farm for some nice background noise whilst working.
I do think that it is also a good thing in a way. Time for me to look over things and start over. Do things differently and anew.

At the moment I can potter about on the computer at my parents' place, but most of my pictures, photos and the like is still on the hard drive waiting to be fetched.
Just so you all know why the rare updates are even rarer.
Oh well. Tomorrow I'll try and sort out the warp that mom & me fought with today. So there is heddling and sleying to be done. (I had to look up the right terms, I'm used to 'solvning' & 'skedning'.)

Now  I better be off to bed. Been a bit of a rough day, had way to much doubt spinning around in my head. Some reading some Maisie Dobbs (#4 Messenger of truth) will do the trick before falling to sleep methinks...

Take care, friends!

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