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20 October 2013


I got a whole bunch of these small bundles of plant dyed yarn. Aren't they beautiful?
Oh I have this notion that I want to change things (-again-). This blog included. So I am pottering about, pushing things right and left and removing some entirely. Today I've started to finish a pile of makeup bags and hand bags that I started on ages ago. I also want to get some more professional looking product photos, and now that my mum got this new grand camera - well, I better give it a shot. I don't have a light box, or a huuuuge white background so I need to figure something out. There's my old photos where I've placed things on old books or in nature - but  I feel that I need to have some sort of theme. Or is my theme/style that I am totally mixing styles.. Or do I have it already, but I can't see it myself..?

More promo needed also. And being consistent - whatever that means (never heard of it! *Ahem*..)
Right exactly now I am peeking around at Pinterest - here's my profile there, by the way: , and listening to the rain, oh and waiting for Father Brown to start on tv! Almost forgot that.

Little tip for some inspiration:
You must have a look at Hens Teeth! Such lovely and inspiring work, methinks. And isn't the name just brilliant..? :)

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