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15 May 2014

Is it so small a thing?

I have many quotes and words of wisdom written down in a bunch of notebooks, and have always liked this one for its meaning of 'enough-ness'. The words I use in my work have certain meaning to me and I am sure that we all read things differently, depending on what we have in our backpacks, hearts and spirits. It is hard to step outside of the accustomed opinions that is all around us, making it hard to listen to the little voice inside that is one's -own- truth.

For the last couple of years, I haven't had any regular 'proper' job to go to. I am so grateful that I have this urge to work with my hands and make things, for I surely would've gone mad if I had nothing to do. This means that I am never really without work, only out of pocket. :)
All this time you have though, makes you reconsider your 'worth' according to yourself. All the things and thoughts you have been taught and just woven into your mind without really considering if they fit into your truth or not. Being useful is important it seems, but you might have to reconsider the meaning of it to make it your own. I love useful things - sometimes a useful thing is something that just hangs on your wall and makes you happy when you look at it. I want to be useful in m own way. I'm still struggling with accepting that inside my mind though, pouring out all thoughts on the floor,  picking up the good bits and throwing out the ones I don't want or need anymore.

Well, to myself and to all of you I say:

You are enough. 

To sit outside under a tree, listening to the birds and reading a book is not something to look down upon. It is living.

'Tis enough if you feel that it is.

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Samantha Tara said...

I love you! Brilliant!