#2 2019 Modern Historical Sewing

I have always been very fond of period dramas, historical novels and times past in general..
And although I have never actually taken part myself in historical reenactment or living history (yet),
 I am so glad to have found several sewing people who makes these amazing clothes and are mighty inspirational, when you are a creative person yourself. And even though I have so far been leaning more towards 1920-1940ies style of clothing as the kind of style(s) I want to wear myself - practical but a bit stylish at the same time, I might be turning a bit more into earlier styles of fashion. And even dare to wear it myself. I'm so glad that one can find so much more about these subjects nowadays, on instagram, youtube and other places - to complement the reading in old books and magazines that was what was available before. These are people who either have learned their craft via different schools or learned themselves thanks to their interest - so there is hope for all of us!

Bernadette Banner & Cathy Hay
Somehow or other Bernadette Banner ended up in my youtube feed, and what a joyous day that was!
I have binged all of her videos, and often sat with a needle and thread at the same time.
Bernadette Banner - Youtube Channel
And via Bernadette, I also found Cathy Hay who makes these inspirational, uplifting and comforting videos that makes you feel calm & that there is indeed hope in life (and sewing) again.
Cathy Hay - Youtube Channel 

Zach Pinsent
Zach Pinsent inspires me mightly by just being himself, he's a tailor living in Brighton wearing regency style clothes in everyday life. He was featured in a video on the BBC, so you might have seen him there already. Website - Pinsent Tailoring

There are a few more that I am looking up for example
Morgan Donner who recently wrote about #historybounding on her blog, meaning “Dressing Historically in Modern Everyday Life.”
Read her post about this and more on her blog here

Marika of Enchanted Rose Costume is another one who makes magnificient clothing, and to see more details and construction on how the clothes are made go to her Youtube Channel.

There are many more once you start looking, and they all have instagram so you can search for them there as well. I hope this might also help you to find some new inspiration and work on whatever makes your heart sing.


Cat said…
I remember a report about a couple once who lived in the 40s, their house, their furniture, their clothes, it was pretty amazing, and even that was so out of the ordinary compared to today's clothes.

Now you know I can't sew to save my life, I can't afford to buy bespoke clothing, and one of my big problems would be shoes to go with the clothes, anyway, as I can hardly walk right in my sneakers, sigh.

I love to see others wearing vintage fashion, though, no matter if it's real vintage or a copy!
So when will you make something? :-D
Jenny said…
Well, you make very pretty things in other ways than sewing! I am often too sensible and practical when it comes to clothes and shoes. One must be able to run to the bus or clomp around in the woods in shoes.. :D
I have made a few items of clothing, so I might post something about those. I am always on the look out for clothes patterns, in hope of finding some that are the kind you love and can make over and over again - because they fit and work in life. So we'll see, dear friend, we'll see! :D
Cat said…
If I could sew, I'd know exactly what I make. Sensible and practical, but it would make it so much easier for me. A line shirts with 3/4 length sleeves and long enough for my taste!
I'm looking forward to seeing the clothes you made, go ahead and post!